Tuesday, April 3 2018

The Best Fruit to Maintain your Health

Without a doubt, fruit is good for our body. All kinds of fruits contain the vitamin and mineral. Most fruits are rich in Vitamin C. So, consuming fruit is good to increase your immune system. So, consuming fruit is the way to have the balanced diet. Besides, fruit also helps you to prevent the chronic disorder. Fruit contains some essential nutrients. For instance, it contains the potassium. Potassium can minimize the cardiovascular disorder risk. So, you can prevent the stroke. Fruit is also rich in fiber. Consuming fiber is good for your digestive system. Some fruits also contain folate. This substance enables the body form Red Blood Cells easily. That is why folate is helpful for the pregnant women. Folate will enhance the growth of the fetus. Keep reading this article to find out the best fruit!

best fruits.png

You need to know the best fruit which can help to maintain your health. So, you can consume this kind of fruit every day. Here is the list of fruit which is beneficial for your health.

* Peach.

Peach contains the potassium. This substance is very good for the muscle and nerve health. The most nutritious part of peach is in the skin. So, when you eat peaches, you should not peel it. Peaches' skin is rich in the antioxidant and fiber. Peach is the best way to give the sweetness if you are on diet.

* Pineapple.

We sometimes find the pineapple as the garnish on the platter. But, this fruit is good to consume. Pineapple is rich in anti-inflammatory. So, it will work effectively on your health. Besides, the bromelain in the pineapple can help you to reduce the heart attack risk. It can prevent the stroke as well.

* Grapes.

Grapes are the popular fruit in the world. There are many kinds of grapes. For your information, grapes can help you to prevent the high cholesterol. Besides, it is also good to solve the cardiovascular disorder. Furthermore, grapes also contain potassium and iron. These substances help you to solve the anemia and muscle cramp. Similar to mangoes, grapes keep your immune system. Then, it helps you to increase the bone growth.

* Papaya.

All kinds of organic fruits are the best options for your health. When you are shopping the fruit, you have to choose the organic once. The organic fruit will taste better. It is because this fruit is free of the preservatives and pesticide. Then, it is also free from the Genetically Modified Organism. If you purchase a papaya, make sure that you choose the organic papaya. The papaya contains the vitamin A and C. So, it is good for our skin and immunity. Besides, Papaya also contains the enzyme which helps your digestive system. You can eat papaya directly. Besides, it is also good to make papaya smoothie. You can put papaya in your oatmeal as well. Furthermore, adding papaya to your fruit salsa is also a good idea.

Those are some tropical fruits which can be the best fruit for your health. You can select the fruit you like. Make sure that you only consume the organic fruit. This way, you can maintain your health.

Monday, March 5 2018

McdVoice – How to Contact McDonald's Customer Service and Join McDonald's Survey

McDonald's Company provides some customer care bases which will be ready to serve the customers. All of the company's offers, restaurant franchising, and McdVoice are ready to be explained by the customer service. Even if you get some troubles or issues, you don't need to worry to share it with McDonald's Customer Service will serve the customers as friendly as possible. This article will help you understand the way to contact them and to take part in McdVoice Survey. Just in case you need an additional information, you can visit www.CarbonCollaborative.com.


What do You Know about McdVoice?

McDonald's Company is one of the biggest fast food chains in America. It has more than 3000 restaurants franchising across 114 countries in the world. Of course, it has employed for more than a thousand workers in every McDonald's Restaurant. Day after day, these numbers have been increased because of the largest number of the customers in each day of operation. Because of its large number of employees and McDonald's Locations, the problems may happen in every McDonald's Performance. But, to anticipate the inconvenient things among the customers, McDonald's prepared some customer care bases which will be ready to help the customers.

How to Contact McDonald's Customer Service?

In general, McDonald's Company offers some informational bases which can help the customers related to their specific issues. There are four available bases; those are Restaurant Feedback, General Inquiry, Trademark Permission, Mobile App Feedback. Every single issue has its own menu. To contact them, you can visit McDonald's main website at www.McDonald's.com and choose the menu “Contact-us.”

Once you reached the site, you can choose the informational bases related to your issues. They will be ready to answer you via email. In this case, you only need to fill some personal information boxes and share your questions. Just in case you need the immediate answer from McDonald's Customer Service, you should select some of the best ways below. And, here they are:

  • Customer Service Phone Number, to deal this way you can contact them at +1800 244 6227. They will be ready every day started at 07.00 AM to 07.00 PM.
  • Customer Service Mailing Address, another way to contact the customer service is through a letter. In this occasion, you can send the letter to McDonald's Headquarter Office in McDonald's Corporation 2111 McDonald's Dr., Oak Brook, Illinois 60523.

What do You Know about McdVoice?

When you want to share the feedback about McDonald's Company while you get an opportunity to win the reward, you must take part in McdVoice. This survey is the online survey platform which is handled by Mcdonald's Company. It will be available at www.McdVoice.com. The first thing that you can do in McdVoice Survey is about to visit McDonald's Restaurant, enjoy the meal, completing the payment, and receive the receipt from McDonald's Staff. Not just a simple paper, that receipt has any important information such as McdVoice Survey Code, and the detail information about the last visit.

What will be Discussed in McdVoice

Before talking much about the walkthrough in McdVoice, it is better to know about the material included. Of course, you need to understand and remember your eatery experience with McDonald's. Further, it is about your current visit. In general, the material that will be discussed in this survey are:

  • General eatery experience
  • McDonald's Menu Quality and Quantity
  • McDonald's Menu Prices
  • Employee's manner and services
  • The customers' willingness for suggesting and come to the store
  • The store appearances, and much more review.

What should You do in McdVoice?

Anyway, McdVoice has a same customer survey platform style such as MyKFCExperience, GuestObsessed Survey, and much more examples. If it is not your first-time fir giving the survey, of course, you will be easy to finish every section in an easy way. Just in case it is your first turn, this article will give you the simple guide. And, here they are:

  • Guide one:

In the first section, you should launch your internet browser then go to the main survey website at www.McdVoice.com. Once you arrived at the site, you need to be sure that you are familiar with English instruction. But if you are not sure about your skill, you don't need to force your self. It is better to change the language instruction into Spanish. The menu will be available on the middle top side of the website entitled “Espanola”.

  • Guide two:

Then, you can start to open the site by sending the survey invitation numbers, or if you are getting troubles to send that number, you can open your current visit information. You don't need to worry because the site will give you the example through the available picture.

  • Guide three:

For the next, you may answer some McdVoice's Questions. In the first section, you can start by giving the rates to the statements. And, for the second section, you can write down the answer. In this occasion, you can support your answer with some complaints or suggestions.

  • Guide four:

Shortly after you finished the survey, you will accept McdVoice Validation Code. At that time, you need to write it down to your receipt and bring it on your next visit. As you know, the validation code will lead you to get McDonald's Coupon.

Well, you may start to share your problems and stay connected with McDonald's Customer Service. They are so friendly and pleasant. And, don't forget to take part in McdVoice.com. See you there!

Thursday, February 8 2018

TalkToWendys – Do You Want to Enjoy a Free Meal at Wendy’s?

Hurray! We can get a free meal at Wendy’s today. We can get it home by participating in Talktowendys and complete Wendy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. Here, we can learn the guidelines in Wendy’s survey and get our free meal. Good luck!

What is TalkToWendys?

Wendy’s Survey provides a survey portal which is called as TalkToWendys. Here, we can site it by online and give the assessment on Wendy’s performance. For a surprise, we can get a free meal as our reward in our next visit. Is it nice guys?


How are steps in TalkToWendys?

To complete all the survey sections, we must pass its steps by step. Overall, this survey portal is similar to another survey portal. If you want to know more about the other survey portal, you can find and learn it on bringtolightnyc.org. There, you can also find a complete instruction about Wendy’s Survey.

And, the steps to join in TalkToWendys are:

• At first, we can search the survey site on www.talktowendys.com or www.wendyswantstoknow.com on our internet devices.

• Then, we should send the information about the store restaurant number, day and date of the last visit, and choose the eligible language instruction. In this case, you can see the information in our current receipt and choose the languages between English or Spanish.

• After that, TalkToWendys also wants to know about our survey number. It will be available on our last receipt.

• The next section is the most important section where we can give your assessment related to Wendy’s performance. It will start on one to five score.

• Afterward, we can give our recommendation and complaints. Before it, this site will ask us some descriptive questions and allows us to write the answer in detail.

• At last, we can send your review and leave your personal information. So, Wendy’s customer service can contact us easily.

• After we send our review on TalktoWendys.com, the validation code will appear on our screen. At that time, we can write it down on our current receipt and show it on our next visit.

What are the rules in TalkToWendys?

Because of the high customers’ willingness to take part in this survey, TalkToWendys offers some rules to decide the best winner. And, here the rules are:

• We must be at least 18 years old and be the United States’ citizen. • The survey invitation number will be available in not more than two hours of our last visit. • We are not Wendy’s employee or its family. • We can understand the basic of English or Spanish.

What are the prerequisites in TalkToWendys?

To make us easy to complete all the steps on the survey, we must prepare some prerequisites before joining in Wendy’s Survey. What are they?

• Firstly: The first thing that we need to prepare is a set of computers. Even, we can use our laptop, tablet or Smartphone. • Secondly: The next thing is about our receipt. At this moment, we need to make sure that we have kept it well. • Thirdly: We need to ensure that we have a stable internet connection and have a good internet device such as Mozilla, Chrome, UC-Browser, and so on. • Lastly: To complete all questionnaire sections, we need to have enough time in about five to ten minutes.

What Can We Get?

After joining in TalkToWendys, we can get a large chance to win a free meal. In this occasion, we can enjoy a free salad or hamburger. Even, we can get a free $2 discount off our next order. So, it is the best time to eat many guys. Come on, go to Wendy’s restaurant now! And, see you there!

Tuesday, February 6 2018

Panda Express Survey – The Steps to Join in Panda Express Feedback and Get a Free Meal

Are you a Chinese Restaurant lover? If the answer is yes, in a sure, you have visited Panda Express Restaurant regularly. How many times did you visit it in this week? You have to join Panda Express Survey and give your feedback there. As your gift, you may get a chance to enjoy a free meal on your next visit. Is that great?

About Panda Express Survey

To increase the customer's satisfaction, every restaurant has its ways. Panda Express Restaurant uses Panda Express Survey to know it.


In general, this way also has been tried by lots of restaurant in the world, especially in the USA. This survey provides the free space to the customers to share their complaints and even their recommendation to the restaurant. For the purpose, the restaurant can revise the weakness and the problems with it.

Where can I join Panda Express Survey?

For your ease, you may join in this online sur6vey by visiting the main website. In this case, you may visit ww.pandaexpress.com/feedback or www.pandaexpress.com/guest.

The Rules in Panda Express Survey

As a legal survey, this portal has some rules. And, here they are:

• The first: The participants should be the resident of United States.

• The second: They should not be a part of Panda Express Employee. Even, this rule is available for its family also.

• The third: They must be at least 18 years old. If they are under it, they may ask help from their older siblings or their parent.

• The fourth: They have visited its restaurant in not more than seven days of the visit. In this occasion, they will get a survey invitation number on their last receipt.

• The fifth: Their language proficiency is available in English or Spanish. The language instruction in this survey uses these two languages. Also, you may choose between them.

The requisites in Panda Express Survey

To complete your survey as well as possible, you need to prepare some requisites. Here the following requisites are:

• Firstly: You must prepare a set of computer, tablet, or laptop. Maybe, you may use your mobile phone to access this survey.

• Secondly: You need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection. This article recommends you not to use a mobile data.

• Thirdly: You must prepare a pen or pencil to write down the reward code in the last section of the survey.

The Steps to Join in Panda Express Survey

Alright, you may start your survey by following these instructions:

• In the beginning section, you need to visit the main website at www.pandaexpress.com/feedback or www.pandaexpress.com/guest.

• Then, you have to send your survey invitation number. Also, you must give the information about your date and hour of your last visit. For your information, you can find this information on your last receipt.

• After that, you can rate some statements about Panda Express’ performance. In this section, you can rate from one to five. This number shows your satisfaction with it.

• If you are not satisfied with a rate, you can explore your review by giving the detail complaints and recommendation. In this section, this site will ask you a descriptive question. Then, you can write your answer as honest as possible.

• At last, you may give your personal information and submit your review. In the last section of the survey, this site maybe sends you a reward code. If you are lucky, it will appear on your screen. At that time, you must write it down on your current receipt.

Well, you have understood about the steps to join in Panda Express Survey. Now, it is your time to practice it guys. Wish you luck!

Saturday, January 27 2018

DGCustomerFirst Survey – Dollar General Offers $1,000 at DGCustomerFirst.com

And it is 2018, but you still do not find a way to get $1,000 cash in a fast way? Well, you need to try to take DGCustomerFirst Survey. So that you know, Dollar General company today offers all Dollar General customers to take part. All you must do is to be eligible for joining this program is by having a recent Dollar General receipt. To make it fun, you can ask your friends to join you. You guys will find in wondering if one of you can win $1,000 cash. It will be fantastic to spend $1,000 at Dollar General store with your friends! You may upgrade your information about Dollar General by vsisiting dgcustomerfirst.

About DGCustomerFirst Survey

Before you go to your friend’s house to accompany you taking DGCustomerFirst survey, it will be best if you find more information about it. So that you know, DGCustomerFirst is an online shopping experience survey. The survey is accessible at DGCustomerFirst.com. you can take it anywhere and anytime you want as it is the online survey.


For your information, the goal of Dollar General creates DGCustomerFirst survey is to measure Dollar Customers’ satisfaction during the visit. And of course, the company will develop the quality as well as the service at the stores. You do not have to take your time for DGCustomerFirst as you can complete it in three minutes.

How to Complete the DGCustomerFirst Survey Step by Step?

If you are willing to get a chance to get DGCustomerFirst Validation Code and win $1,000 cash, you have to follow the steps. Here is the DGCustomerFirst Survey guide that you can obey, such as:

• Step #1: It is a must for you to run an internet browser that is available on your laptop or mobile phone. And, you need to make it sure that you connect it to the internet access. It is because you have to visit DGCustomerFirst.com survey.

• Step #2: Now, you reach DGCustomerFirst homepage. You can start to input Dollar General store number. As usual, you will be able to gain the code printed on Dollar General receipt. If you do not have any Dollar receipt, you will not be able to pass DGCustomerFirst Survey login portal.

• Step #3: Yes, on the page, you will see a blank as space for you to enter your DGCustomerFirst Survey Code. The correct code must have 15 digits, and you must make sure that you input the proper code.

• Step #4: For the next, you can start to set DGCustomerFirst language. You can choose between English and Spanish as there are only two languages provided.

• Step #5: At the question section, you have to give the best answer for every single DGCustomerFirst questions. There are some topics such as Dollar General products, service, as well as Dollar Employees. You can rate your satisfaction level during the visit to Dollar store.

• Step #6: Before you enter the DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes page, you will have to send your overall Dollar General feedback. Yes, Dollar General company welcomes you whether you want to send Dollar General complaints or even compliments. It will be best if you also send the suggestions to the company.

• Step #7: Congratulations! You just get DGCustomerFirst Validation Code, or you can also call as DG Coupons. You can enter your data as DGCustomerFirst Survey taker. And, Dollar General team will contact you if you are the DGCustomerFirst Winner.

Dollar General Customer Service Contact Details

In case you need to contact Dollar General customer care team, you can try these contacts:

• Dollar General Customer Service Department Phone Number = 877 463 1553 • Dollar General Customer Service Number = 615 855 4000 • Dollar general Mailing Address = 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville. It is in Tennessee, 37072, United States. • Dollar General Official Websites = www.dollargeneral.com

Overall, enjoy taking DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstakes and enjoy shopping at Dollar General for free!

Thursday, January 18 2018

7 Smart Ways to Becoming a Happier Person in 2018

Hello good people! How’s life with you today? If you are going to say not well, you may need help. Sometimes, you may feel alone like no one can help you. Your friends seem like disappear one by one and it feels not good. Indeed, you do not have to worry as you can be happy even if you are alone. It is because being alone does not mean being lonely. The happiness indeed comes from you, and you should not find it in anyone else. Alright, here are some best tips that you can try to be a happier person. Here you go!

• Happiness Tip # 1: Don't Worry, Choose Happy

how to be happy.png

The first tip to do is to less worry and choose to be happy. You must realize that the more you worry about something, the less happiness you will feel. You should not overthink about something, and instead, you can let it flow. If something means to be happening, then it will happen. You do not have to worry about anything as everything comes for a reason. Even if you have some problems, you need to know that it is not forever.

Yes! You do not live forever, your problems are not forever, and everything is temporary. All that you can do to be happy is by motivating yourself that even your problem is temporary. When you die, you will not bring the issue with you. But, it does not mean that you better choices to die. It with that you have to be brave to make a living. It will be useless if you dare to die but afraid to live. Isn’t it ridiculous?

• Happiness Tip #2: Cultivate Gratitude

You know that God always blesses you as you are a good person. Even if you are not into a person, your future is still pure. Therefore, you do not have to give up as the second chances always come in the name of tomorrow. You have to be grateful for everything you have now. You can read this article it means you have the internet connection. Meanwhile, people outside there do not even have anything to eat for some days.

You are luckier, better, and greater than you think. All you need to do is to realize it, and you will be grateful. The more you grate, the more you will get happiness. If you always complain about something, you will always feel not enough. And this one will lead you to a never-happy-life. Isn’t it cool if you are satisfied with everything you have and you do not need to get stress because of feeling not enough? Have a nice try!

• Happiness Tip #3: Foster Forgiveness

Everyone must make mistakes and it includes you. But, not all people have the same heart to forgive. Forgiving, in this case, does not mean forgetting the mistakes. You still have a right to defense yourself from falling in the same mistakes made by your friends. Instead, you can just forgive them for the sake of your peace.

• Happiness Tip #4: Counteract Negative Thoughts and Feelings

There is someone says ”Never trust anything comes to your mind when you are sad and alone.” If you are alone, your mind will go wild and even worse, you cannot control it. It will be best if you try to talk to a friend or maybe make yourself a bit busy. I know, you must have some jobs or tasks that you have to finish soon. You can do your job and eliminate the feelings of lonely. Isn’t it good if you become productive rather than being useless thinking about something that does not happen yet?

• Happiness Tip #5: Money Can't Buy Happiness

Hear here! Money can never buy happiness, and therefore, you should not force yourself to work super hard. For the best choice, it will be much better if you work smart. So, you can find a better and easier way to overcome any problem. And even if you have got much money, you can try to share it with your family. Without a doubt, the happy faces of your family that comes because of you can make you happy too. It feels great to be able to make somebody else happy.

• Happiness Tip #6: Foster Friendship

The next tip is about building a good friendship. So that you know, friend means a lot to your life even if you do not realize it. Alright! Sometimes, you may get hurt because tour friends always disappoint you. But, it does not mean that all friends are the same. Instead, you can find better friends outside there. One of the best ways you can try is to ask your friends to introduce you to their friends. You can hang out in a group and share one each other life story while enjoying a glass of hot chocolate. Awesome!

• Happiness Tip #7: Engage in Meaningful Activities

You can also gain happiness by joining some organizations or activities. One of the best ones is swimming. The fresh water in this case will make your body feels fresh and healthy. And, the water here is the best stress healer that you can enjoy for free or with low price. The fresh air combined with fresh water will boost your mood. And after that, you can enjoy a glass of hot coffee with a piece of sandwich. Yummy!

In short, you can say that happiness is around you. All you need to do is to realize that some people care about you. Never give up in trying being happy. As long as you enjoy your life for every single second, you will be the happiest person on this plant. Smile!

Friday, January 12 2018

Checkers and Rally’s Offers You Free Sandwich and Fries Today!

we all know that Checkers and Rally’s is such the best restaurant in America. In this case, we may be a loyal Checkers and Rally’s customer. If we want to get free sandwich and fries, we can start to participate in a GuestObessed survey. The survey will only take three to fifteen minutes to complete. Once you complete the survey, you will get Checkers and Rally’s coupon code for a free sandwich. And for free fries, you can sign up to be Checkers and Rally’s member at its official website.

About Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obessed

Before we jump to the steps in entering the survey, it will be wiser if we know more about it. GuestObessed is such an online guest experience satisfaction survey held by Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. The role of this survey is, of course, to define which customers are not happy. And the restaurant team then will take action to improve anything that is lack inside the restaurant. And for this reason, our opinion as Checkers and Rally’s customers are necessary for the restaurant.


All customers are allowed to take Checkers and Rally’s Survey. As long as we have a recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt, we can start the process. We can visit GuestObessed.com and follow the instructions. Once we get Checkers and Rally’s Coupon code for the free sandwich, we can continue to the next coupon. Visit Checkers.com or Rallys.com to start to sign up. To process the survey, you will need a laptop or phone, an internet connection, as well as the receipt.

Steps for Checkers and Rally’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

When we are entering the survey, we can get confused on what to do with the survey page. Nicely, you can just follow the sequenced steps here:

Step 1

The first thing to do is to open the device and run the internet browser. For the next, we can type GuestObessed.com at the address bar. Once we finish with that, we can click “enter” and it will direct us to Guest Obessed official site.

Step 2

After we see the page, we can continue to enter the Checkers and Rally’s Store Number. it should have 4 digits number and we can find it on our receipt.

Step 3

Another detail that we have to input is the date and time of the last visit to Checkers and Rally’s store. in this case, we can just easily find it printed on the receipt.

Step 4

Alright! We have entered the Guest Obessed login portal and now, it is the time to answer all Guest Obessed questions. When we try to give the answers, we must be honest. It is so as the answers we write will reflect our satisfaction during the visit. the restaurant team will know whether we are happy or not. And of course, it is because the way to answer the questions is by giving rates.

Step 5

Once we finished with that, we can start to write our opinion about Checkers and Rally’s store we visited. The page is about an open Guest Obessed Survey question that we can answer within 1,200 characters at the max.

Step 6

Finally, we completed the whole process for GuestObessed Feedback Experience Survey and we can save our Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code.

Guest Obessed Validation Code.png

Steps to Get Free Checkers and Rally’s Fries

We have known the steps for getting the free sandwich, and now we can continue to get the free fries. As we have known, first thing first, we have to sign up at Checkers.com or Rallys.com. Here are some steps to follow:

Step 1

After we reach the Checkers and Rally’s homepage, we can find the menu entitled “Sign Up Now”.

Step 2

After that, we can continue to fill our personal information. They are such as our full name, homes address, phone number, as well as our email address.

Step 3

Once we finished with that, we can write a brief Checkers and Rally’s Feedback. We can write anything about the store that we visited. It is okay to just write about the employee who did not want to clean the table. Or, we can also give complaints about the item that we ordered. As long as we make it brief, it will be good.

Step 4

And at this step, we should enter the zip code and the city of the Checkers and Rally’s store we visited.

Step 5

Finally! We get the Checkers and Rally’s Coupon for free fries. We can then redeem both coupons for free sandwich and fries.

We know that enjoying the free foods at Checkers and Rally’s restaurant is such a great idea. We should not waste our time and start taking the action now. Happy taking the survey and enjoy the free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich and fries!

Tuesday, January 9 2018

GClistens – Get $1.000 Daily & $1.500 Weekly Prizes from Golden Corral

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever feel always hungry all the time? Starving even you have eaten few moment ago? I have ever felt it too. How does if we try some menus in Golden Corral? Yes, you order some heavy snacks and the best steaks from them. The best is, you can win $1.000 daily and $1.500 weekly from filling out their online survey called GClistens. Isn’t it awesome if you can win the prizes so you can enjoy taking anything you want for free?

About GClistens Survey

GClistens is Golden Corral Survey which allows you to give your opinion about them. This online survey could be the best way to listen to the customers. It is because there are just a few customers that will tell their issues to the staff since it could trigger a small conflict. Customers tend to keep silent if they have issues and never come back to the restaurant anymore as the final result.

Golden Corral knows that a restaurant is not always about the food, there are many aspects that need to be improved. GClistens will give you some questions about Golden Corral such as the service, hygiene, and the products. Don’t worry, it just takes you about 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a chance to get $1.000 daily and $1.500 weekly sweepstake as well. Worth it right?


What Will You Need for Golden Corral Listens Survey

Well, as mentioned above, that GClistens is an online survey. It means you have to get there on your own. The restaurant doesn’t provide you with a computer to fill the survey, you have to own your own device to access the website. Here the things you need to access the website:

• A Computer or Device The first thing you need of course a device that can connect to the internet and access the website. You can use your laptop and smartphone as well.

• Internet access The second thing is an internet access. Try to go somewhere has free hotspot for you or use your own data.

• Golden Corral Receipt The next thing is a valid receipt from Golden Corral. The survey is designed only for customers, the receipt is used as proof that you are one of them. Besides, you also need a Golden Corral Listens Survey Code that is printed on that receipt to enter the survey page.

• Understanding in English or Spanish There are only two languages available in this survey, they are English and Spanish. Choose the language you understand the most to before entering the survey. If you don’t understand bot, you can use Google translate for a little help.

Correct Steps to Fill GClistens Customer Satisfaction Survey

After you prepare all the things above, it is time for you to enter the survey. Make sure you have at least 5 minutes spare time, take a good seat, then follow these steps:

• Step 1

The first thing you need to do is go to their survey website at www.GClistens.com. Please avoid typo when typing the website address. The correct one will direct you to a page the Golden Corral survey login and let you choose the language you prefer.

• Step 2

After you chose the language, you need to fill your GClistens survey code. You can find it on your receipt. Besides, you have to fill the time you visited the restaurant as well.

• Step 3

After that, you have to fill all the questions in the GC Listen survey. Please remember that the best answer is an honest answer. They just want to hear directly from you about your opinion about their restaurant. Your candid opinion will be useful for their improvement in the future.

• Step 4

After you have done with the GClistens questions, it is the time to join the sweepstake. Golden Corral will ask your contact details such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. Please give your valid contact details, because they will contact you by phone or email if you are the winner.

• Step 5

After that, you will receive a GClistens validation code. You can use that code when you win the sweepstake to prove you are the real one. Write the code down on a paper and also take a picture of it to avoid just in case you will forget someday.

About Golden Corral Restaurant Reviews

Golden Corral is known as one of the best all day service. You can go there anytime you want and still get menus that are suitable for the time. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. With the experience over 40 years in food and beverages business, Golden Corral can perform the best products with the best service as well. Proven by more than 450 branches in the US and there are some new Golden Corral branches that will be ready to open in new locations.

Golden Corral Customer Service Contacts

It is great when a company offers you a customer service to hear your issues and problems right? Good news for you, because they give you their complete contact details. You can contact them through a letter, email, or phone. This is Golden Corral headquarter and customer service contact details:

• Golden Corral Headquarter: 5151 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 27612

• Golden Corral Email: goodasgoldclubsupport@fishbowl.com

• And Golden Corral Phone: +1-919-881-4465

Okay, everyone, I hope you can win the Golden Corral sweepstakes. Have a good day and Good luck!

How to Eat Fresh Meal While Saving Money in Fast-Food Restaurant

The fast-food industry grows very well in the US. That is why it seems impossible to separate the fast-food restaurant from American’s life. We do not know why American really loves eating this kind of food. Perhaps this type of restaurant can serve the meal quickly. Besides, the price is quite reasonable. Furthermore, the menu items served in the quick-service restaurants are various. As a result, the customers can have the wide range of menu selections. So, they will never get bored visiting the fast-food outlet. It is because they can choose the different menu item every time they visit.

Furthermore, there are also many casual restaurants available. The customers are free to choose where they will go to dine in. For instance, they can visit American style restaurant or Tex-Mex restaurant. Besides, they also can go to an Italian-style restaurant to enjoy pasta or pizza.

It is undeniable that the fast-food industry expands very quickly. The revenue of this business can achieve nearly $200 billion. This earning is not surprising. It is because wherever we go, we will see how crowded the fast-food restaurants are. Many people are making a line to order their meal. Many cars queue in the drive-thru lane. Besides, many restaurants have the delivery and carry out service. This system enables the customers to order their meal more conveniently.


Furthermore, most of the fast-food restaurants offer the low price for their meal. You can fill up your stomach just by spending $5. But, for some people, the price of the menu items in the certain restaurants are still high. Therefore, they find the way to save their money when they come to this restaurant. In order to get the lower price of the meal, you just need to customize your order. In this article, we suggest you some tricks to save your money when you dine in at the fast-food store. Besides, we also give some tips how to get the fresher meal from those restaurants.

1. McDonald’s.

The popularity of this fast-food chain is undebatable. This company has the largest number of chains in the world. No doubt, McDonald’s has a lot of loyal fans. But, have you known that some menu items in this chain are not fresh? It is because they use the frozen ingredients. But, there are some tricks to get the fresher entrees from McDonald’s. Besides, here you also can check out some tips to save your budget when you dine in McDonald’s.

• Request a round egg for your sandwich instead of the scrambled egg. Round egg has the better taste and quality than the scrambled egg. Sometimes, the scrambled egg which is pressed into the patty is not fresh. Besides, when you ask for the round egg, the McDonald’s store crew will make it immediately for you. Furthermore, you do not need to pay the extra charge for this substitution. • Order the Double Cheeseburger instead of Big Mac. If you want to save $2.30, you should order the Double Cheese Burger without mustard and ketchup. Then, you can add the special sauce and lettuce to your cheeseburger. You may not be able to get the bun with sesame seed. But, you can enjoy the burger as delicious as Big Mac at the lower price. • Customize your sausage McMuffin. The price of Sausage McMuffin with egg is $2.99. But, you can save $1.30 if you order a la carte Sausage McMuffin. Then, if you want the extra egg, you can order the round egg. You just need to pay $0.5 for this extra egg. • Order the steamed bun. If you want to enjoy the fresh taste of your burger or sandwich, you can request the steamed bun. This way, you will receive the warm bun. By requesting the steamed bun, you can make sure that the McDonald’s makes your sandwich just right after you order it.

2. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is the second largest pizza house after Pizza Hut. Then, the most favorite pizza in this restaurant is the Honolulu Hawaiian. But, the price of this pizza is high. So, what can you do to enjoy this Hawaiian pizza at the lower price? The answer is that you just need to customize your pizza. You can order the large carryout pizza. Then, you can add three toppings on it. You can ask the Domino’s employee to add ham, bacon, and pineapple on it. This way, you can enjoy Hawaiian-like pizza. Ordering this custom pizza can save you $10. Furthermore, to enhance the Hawaiian flavor, you can request the red peppers and shredded Parmesan cheese. This additional topping only costs $3.

Besides, do you want to get Domino’s pizza at the discounted price? You should call the local branch of Domino’s pizza. Then, you can ask them whether they are any pizzas which the customers do not pick up. Usually, Domino’s will give you the discount for this pizza.

3. Subway.

The most favorite item in Subway is the Footlong sandwich. Ordering and splitting the Footlong is cheaper than ordering 6-inch portion of the sandwich. So, if you want to save some dollars, you can share your Footlong. Then, you can customize the cheese and other condiments.

Besides, do the topping of your sandwich often slip out the side? To avoid this messy, you can order Old-Cut-Style of Sub. This cut style will keep the ingredients tucked. When you order this type of cut, the Subway staff will not slice your sub along the side. But, the staff will slice your sub in a V shape. As a result, the bread will hold the toppings neatly.

Furthermore, if you want to get the cheaper drink, you can order the medium size cup of water. This drink only costs $0.6. Besides, if you purchase the bottled water, you have to pay $2.

4. Chipotle.

When you order the burrito in Chipotle, you can add more meat by picking two proteins. You do not need to pay the extra cost for these proteins. But, you have to pay the protein which is more expensive. Besides, at Chipotle, you can order extra rice for free. Furthermore, you can save much money if you order the kids menu. Just by spending less than $5, you can receive the full meal, drink as well as the side dish. Usually, Chipotle serves the kids meal along with chips, fruit, soda, or milk. Besides, as the main dish, you can choose the original cheese quesadilla, tacos, or quesadilla with guacamole and meat. Furthermore, if you skip adding the protein your meal, you can get free guacamole.

Also, you can save by making two meals for two people just by ordering a burrito bowl. Do not be shy to ask for free taco shell or tortilla. Then, you can split a half of your burrito bowl and wrap it in your tortilla. This way, you can save much budget since you only pay one for two people.

5. Starbuck.

There are some tips you can apply to save your money at Starbuck. First, instead of purchasing two glasses of grande drip coffee, you can share a French press. This way, you can save $2.10. Then, you need to notice that ordering the short latte or tall size give you the same amount of caffeine. The next, you should request the light ice when you order the iced coffee. It is because more ice in your glass means that you get the less beverage.

6. Burger King.

When you dine in Burger King, there are some tips you can do in order to get the fresh entrees. First, if you want to enjoy the fresher sandwich, you have to customize it. For instance, you can request extra cheese or pickles on your burger. This customization will guarantee that you receive the fresh burger. It is because Burger King staff will not unwrap the ready sandwich. They will make the new sandwich for you. Besides, you also can get the freshest burger if you say OTB when you order. OTB means Off the Broiler. When you request it, Burger King crew will cook the fresh patty for you. But, to enjoy this fresh patty, you need to wait for seven minutes. It is worth since you will not receive the patty which is staying on the warming tray all days.

Furthermore, you should try $4 deal from Burger King. This special deal can give you five menu items. When you order it, you will get the crispy chicken nugget, bacon cheeseburger, and small fries. Besides, you will also get chocolate chip cookie and the small drink.

Those are several tricks to save your money when you eat out in the certain restaurant. Besides, the tips above also inform you the way to get the fresh meal even you purchase it in the quick service restaurant. Now, we will give you the additional tips for saving. You can get the free item from the restaurant above if you take the survey. Just access keliamoniz to see the list of restaurants which offer the survey reward. As the example, you can get the discount and freebies from McDvoice, MyBKexperience, TellSubway, and Chipotle Survey.

Get Rich by Taking Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

You must wonder why the title of the article should be like that. You keep thinking how come customer surveys can make you rich. Indeed, you do not need to think as it will be useless. Save your time and visit MabelAndZora to find out how to get rich by taking online customer satisfaction surveys!

Okay, I have to ask you to access that website but it seems like you are still here. Now, I am going to give you a big picture of how the website looks like. So that you know, MabelAndZora has rich information about how to take customer surveys. If you do not know what I mean by the surveys, you do not need to cry. Customer satisfaction survey is an online surveys portal where the customers can give ratings toward a company. For instance, if the holder of the program is KFC, you can give an opinion about your latest visit to KFC stores. The reason why companies have this program is to evaluate the services and products for the sake of customers.

You may think talking about the customer surveys is not interesting. Indeed, you just do not know that the prizes offered by the companies for the participants are amazing. You will get a chance to win $5 to $2,500 fresh m ey. Also, you will be able to win an iPad and intent rewards such as free items and discount coupons. Now, do you find the surveys are interesting?


MabelAndZora is the Center of Customer Satisfaction Surveys Guide

At MabelAndZora, you can find all customer satisfaction surveys held by famous companies. Starting from the restaurants, you will be able to find Culvers, Subway, Denny’s, Checker and Rally’s, and so on. Some of the restaurants somehow are the ones that you used to visit.

Or maybe, you can try to find supermarket shopping experience surveys. Without a doubt, they will offer more pleasing rewards. The supermarkets are such as Publix, Wegman’s, Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, and so on. You will get some chances to win the sweepstakes. The prizes are usually starting from $450 to $2,500 gift cards. You can use it to redeem for free items or get some discounts off. Of course, those prizes are awesome as you do not have to pay for the items you like.

At MabelAndZora, you will also find other companies’ customer satisfaction surveys. Not to mention, you can try to take RaceTrac and Murphy USA survey that will reward you $100 gift cards. Of course, you can use it to fill your car with gasoline for a year. It will be really cool to take long trips with your family.

In short, you can now start to imagine enjoying free lunch at fast food restaurant with your family. Then, you can go shopping using the gift cards. And you can travel to any place you want with $100 gift cards for gasoline. No doubt, it will be a wonderful day for you and people you love. You will feel like having a perfect life. isn’t enjoying your life with people you love is the most precious wealth ever?

Make a Visit MabelAndZora Now to Claim the Prizes!

You have understood that MabelAndZora is the best website that can give you all information about customer satisfaction surveys guide. Then, you must agree that other websites will not serve better information about this. These are some reasons why MabelAndZora is able to guide you get benefits from customer surveys. They are:

• #1: MabelAndZora Serves The Best Information

Believe it or not, the website is able to give the most updated news articles about the surveys and sweepstakes. You do not have to worry about getting confused which information on the internet is true. It is because MabelAndZora only serves actual, factual, reliable, and useful information.

The customer satisfaction surveys, as usual, have a period of time that you need to pay attention. The website here has summarized everything you need based on the most recent updates. The category of the website will help you to find the articles you want. For the restaurants' customer satisfaction surveys, you can choose the category of restaurant survey. The page then will lead you to the page that is full of surveys held by famous restaurants. Of course, the prizes and rewards vary starting from the free meals to $2,500.

For non-restaurant surreys, you can choose the category of survey guide that has the prizes to offer. You will find a list of surveys held by supermarkets, gas stations, and so on. No doubt, you will find the information are very useful moreover if you want to win the prize.

• #2: MabelAndZora Provides Pictures and Videos

What makes MabelAndZora as the best website is because it provides you best pictures to show the steps of taking the survey sweepstakes. You will get a big picture about how to enter the surveys. So, when it comes to your time to get online and open the surveys page, you will not get confused.

In case you are not that brilliant in understanding something fast, you do not need to worry. Here, you can play the tutorial videos that will explain all of the steps you have to take. They are not ordinary videos. They have something to offer such as the explanation through visual and audio. Most of the tutorial videos at other websites will remain to be silent. MabelAndZora is unique. You can play the video while opening a new tab for the survey.

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Monday, November 27 2017

4 Common Customer Service Hindrances & How To Fix Them


While a whole lot of advice is based on how companies can offer outstanding service, few talk about why it will not occur. That is according to the customer-service adviser and writer Jeff Toister. In his book Service Failure: The Reasons Employees Struggle with CUSTOMER SERVICE and What You Can Do About It, Toister unlocks the mysteries behind service that is lousy by describing some of the obstacles agents every day. Below are four of the common customer-service hindrances and the answers to fix them: Obstacle: There is no definition of support. However, according to Toister, it is really quite rare in fact.

At most companies, if you go in and start asking employees what putting the customer resembles, you will get a lot of answers. Option: Produce a clear definition of support. This definition must focus on what the organization is attempting to do for their clients. On how best to implement the plan it has to offer ways -- not only live on a sheet of paper. Toister says that employees have a tendency to know how something is dependent on it is brought up, so discuss your ceremony vision. Obstacle: Issue paying attention. So fast service representatives can miss what customers have to be satisfied things move.

Toister claims that contact centers use clients to be served by at least five software programs. The issue with this multi-tasking is that there's loads of evidence that the brains of human can only process one. Try to concentrate agents. Moreover, train workers to spot signals. Those have like being frustrated they had to wait on hold, needs, including a billing problem, and needs. Obstacle: customer support systems that are Broken. Most failures are not an employee's fault but instead caused by a procedure that is poor or products.

Toister says because a legacy system has not been integrated even though they do not possess the capability to repair the 39, it can be frustrating for brokers to get blamed for service. Solution: Repair the broken systems. Feedback on can be offered by your reps. Toister claims since they do not believe it will lead to a solution that they won't volunteer this information. Make certain to solicit their ideas and implement. This allows them to provide support and will re-engage your agents.


Toister did research to determine whereof the customer being right, the notion came from. From what he could find, nobody ever said that. The nearest example is an idea credited to hotelier Cesar Ritz, who say "the customer is incorrect." A good example of this is when there is a steak cooked to perfection, but the client does not like it, you do not try to convince them. As a business, Toister suggests thinking of ways that you can make it much easier for the client to be "right," such as removing bad policies. This gives employees the chance to say yes. Plus, there isn't any need to concentrate on if the client is right or wrong. Instead, fix any service problem and make them happy.

Seven Guidelines To Provide Customer Service On Social Media


Social networking has enabled both brands and consumers to have a shared voice and socialize on a public platform, creating a balance that addresses the needs and needs of both. Think that it's easy to leverage social media to offer customer service to clients? It takes plenty of work and planning. In answering your challenges, Social media doesn't provide any bullets. By becoming a tool for customers, social media hasn't only enabled direct communication between consumers and brands, it's created a new paradigm between the two. It produces a heap of complaints, praise and customer service questions which go unanswered by not using media.

Employ customer support that is well-known build your relationships and practices to media. Here are seven guidelines. The needs of the customer are a priority. All companies exist to fill a need or a desire. Discovering and recognizing this will make your company more effective. Social media lets you gauge what your viewers are saying about your brands and you. It permits you to engage them and to enter a conversation with clients. Social media can provide a tool to surface those needs. They will allow you to know what they want and how you can provide service and goods answering their needs when you listen to your clients. mysubwaycard.co

Connect with your clients.  Take care to interact with customers to listen to their needs and ask questions.  Concentrate on what they are saying.  Don't just answer concentrate on the words, a tone of voice, and most importantly may feel.  Provide a chance to connect in a different medium like email or telephone to bring the link to a level that is personal. Because they need a product customers aren't making purchases.  They're making a purchase because they want your product to meet a goal, whether it might be a psychological need or a function of using the service or product.  Your focus in reacting to them generate a stronger connection and can improve loyalty.  Work at getting better at targeting their needs and identifying.  Communicating with clients can help provide opportunities.

Be helpful. Builds that connection if there is no profit in it, continuing to encourage your customers. Make customers feel important and valued. Be thankful and courteous. Never allow any communication go unanswered. Thank them every time you have an opportunity. Be reliable. This is one of the keys to any great relationship, and customer support that is decent is no exception. Ensure response regardless of the conditions. The case is to leave the problem unanswered when hard issues arise. Work out how to adapt if the circumstance is fresh. Start looking for ways to make doing business easy. Always do what you say you're going to do. Learn how to apologize and deal with complaints.


Since it's public Social media presents a challenge that is special in customer service. Learn how to apologize when complaints arise, listen to the client and handle the problem. Let your customers know what you have done to resolve the complaint by offering a solution. Take the step. The future of your company depends on keeping customers content. Find opportunities to elevate yourself and go the extra mile to ensure a continuous commitment. Recall, the essentials of social media client service aren't significantly different than conventional customer support. The distinction is the liability granted by its character. Take that accountability and your customers will continue to do business.

Three Methods To Implement A Lean System


Testing and all the product manufacturing are done. One part of the puzzle is missing, though. It's easy to dismiss a business' need to get a system that is customer support. In the end, our firm, Telephone Halo, underestimated customer-service needs in July as it started shipping our Wallet TrackR devices. We thought our merchandise was easy enough to use that we would receive just a couple of support emails every week. After getting hundreds of emails from customers with queries which range to program downloads from battery installation, we realized we had to construct a system. Resource-constrained startups often lack the funds to implement a conventional customer-support system. But there are three methods to implement a lean system which will turn customers into the biggest advocates of a company.

This goes beyond signing up from Satisfaction or Zendesk for support systems and calling it a day. It's imperative to create rules and processes. Entrepreneurs will need to make an algorithm for managing support requests very similar to the way they approach the experience. Begin by categorizing the kinds of questions asked by clients. The simplest way will be to answer yourself to support requests. As soon as you have an understanding of the kinds of questions create flowcharts that detail requests should be handled by staffers and what information is necessary to solve customers' concerns. From your flowcharts, you'll have the ability to improve the process by making the information available.

After our firm sent Wallet TrackR, client information was sprinkled between sending spreadsheets, PayPal data and particular requests sent by email. We used a Google Drive to make the information available in a folder. This process of the organization served as the minimum product, while far from an ideal solution. When the algorithm is constructed, begin by analyzing it, implementing a system. Because of this, we've produced a culture. And we have started a feedback process the overall system is improved by our team. As your company grows, you will eventually have the ability to hire someone to handle your system more frequently.

When developing a system that is customer-support, consider how you wish to define progress. What goals do you want your team and how will you measure improvement? The metrics for your company may differ but the following three are used by us: Average time per service request. The quantity of time it takes to handle a request is the metric that is most significant. The service team's efficiency is shown by it and should systems and the instruments are being used to answer the forms of questions. A number of tickets.


This is regarding the ease of use of this apparatus, in addition to the efficacy of the company procedures and instruction manuals. Response time to get a ticket. If the time it takes before an incoming request is replied skyrockets, we understand something was miscommunicated to customers or the support team can't handle the volume of consumer requests. Creating an effective customer care system is time-consuming and not necessarily particularly enjoyable. But we consider our service team an integral advantage to our company as it helps us in shaping our new, speeding up our review of the technology of this product and guiding decisions on changes.